Top Ten Most Popular Careers in Bangladesh

On the basis of Technological advancement and improvement in Bangladesh, it led to many successful or lucrative careers. Bangladesh is now running rapidly in every field of life. Form last few years it exhibits the most prominent result in all fields with challenging efforts. There are so many career opportunities are now available in Bangladesh to meet the individual’s necessities. Here we are going to reveal the Top Ten Most Popular Careers in Bangladesh which every Bangladeshi wants to know.

Network system Experts:

No doubt the evolution of IT brings an immense lucrative affect all over the world. Network System Analyst in Bangladesh is highly earning career for current and upcoming decade. Network Computer Technology’s associated problems and issues are solved by the Network System Experts and Analysts.


No doubt the infrastructure of a specific country is 80% based on Engineers. So it is extremely consider the most popular career opportunity for an individual in Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi person who is supremely wants to be a shiny star in respect to their field its choice must be Software Engineer.

Department of Tax and Finance: Top Ten Most Popular Careers Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh 2017

Text Manager is one the best job for future challenging career. It is also highly paid job. The Government department of tax and finance is going very vast throughout the world. The Department of tax and finance is providing best career opportunities for all Bangladeshi people. Huge numbers of Banks are running who offers best opportunities and employed a mass of interested Bangladeshi people every year.

Medical Record Technicians:

Medical Record maintenance is very necessary in medical sector. It is undoubtedly fall in the list of Top Ten Most Popular Career in Bangladesh. Medical records may include patent’s medical biography and history about its disease its symptoms, medical test records and outcomes. Medical record and health maintain information technicians are also earning huge amount in Bangladesh. It is also consider the best career profession.


Telecommunication and Media information is going very fast in the present efficient age of performance. It is getting wide scope from last decade. Telecommunication system is running rapidly in Bangladesh. This is called the best career opportunity for a Bangladeshi to live in high competitive area.

Production Department:

Production Department is also working fast and boosting the local as well as international market. Due to high production level an individual country is able to commence the business of export. Production of goods at international level is a big deal and makes huge level of profits so it is surely consider that being a worker of production department is also a good career building opportunity.

Medical and physician’s Assistants:

Medical and physician’s assistance is growing rapid not only within the boundaries of Bangladesh even throughout the world. Physicians Assistants are only able to check the patient at diagnostic level. It lessons the patient about physical therapies. There is a huge career hidden in Medical Assistance in Bangladesh.


Pharmaceutical service or care is going very wide in Bangladesh. It is consider that the top professional career in Bangladesh and listed in the Top Ten Most Popular Careers in Bangladesh. Many pharmaceutical companies are running in Bangladesh for the production of quality medicine. The individual must have to make a good career choice in challenging age.

Database Administrators:

The accessibility of data instantly and efficiently is the backbone of every organization. Many organizations in Bangladesh are running who hires huge number of Database Administrators. Database Administrators DBA’s use highly specially designed software’s to retrieve and save data.

Fitness Instructor:

Instructor for physical fitness is also the most popular career in Bangladesh. As we know that physical fitness is treated at professional levels, so people are going to get interested in leisure events and activities most of the time. This act results into the promotion and growth of Fineness trainers and instructors and is got written in the Top Ten Most Popular Careers in Bangladesh.

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