Top 10 Fashion Designers in Bangladesh

Undeniably the fashion industry is taking boom position in all over the globe. In Bangladesh it is also grooming up very fast. All Fashion Designers in Bangladesh are working continuously to bring new trends and styles in the world of glamour. The boosting position in the field of Fashion is the result of Top 10 Fashion Designers in Bangladesh 2017. The list of top Fashion Designers in Bangladesh includes many starts but we are listed 10 Fashion Designers;

Selina Deepa:

Selina Deepa is the leading and prominent Designer in Bangladesh. She is also working in his own Fashion House called “Feather Dolls” in which she is supremely working on some traditional and cultural Fashion. She has been designing different stylist dresses for top most beauty contest in Bangladesh.

Maheen Khan:

Maheen khan is the most competitive Fashion Designer in Bangladesh. She has been working hard on developing a super market of traditional, cultural and local dresses. She is also the superlative inventor of “Mayasir” a studding and smashing line of clothing along accessories.

Bibi Russel:

She is the most vibrant Fashion Designer in the fashion World. She studied from London College of Fashion. Bangladesh is making proud of being Bibi Russesl’s work. She is currently holding the Bangladeshi Handicrafts and Fabrics for domestic and international market.

Habib Khan:

Habib Khan is the most promising Fashion Designer in Fashion industry in Bangladesh. He is working as Product developer in A N Z in Bangladesh ltd. He is also design some traditional and cultural costumes and presented in different fashion week and beauty contests.

best fashion designers in bangladesh top 10

Farah Deeba:

Farah Deeba is also considering the top 10 fashion designers in Bangladesh 2017. She is a talented costume designer and makeup artist with unique guts. She is working as chief designer at OEND Fashion House in Bangladesh.

Ramem Raaz:

Rameem Raaz is the most leading and famous costume designer in Bangladesh. He is considering the best costume designer and fashion stylist. He is working as costume/dress Designer at Black studio and Visual Media in Bangladesh.

Arif Siddique Khan:

The most deserving and talented fashion desigher in Bangladesh fall in the category of top ten male Fashion Designers is Arif Siddique khan. He is working as fashion designer in Joler Noksha with ken effort and deserving position.

S.M Ghulam Sarowar:

S.M Ghulam Sarowar is the top most Fashion Designers in the Fashion Industry of Bangladesh. He is working as Brand Coordinator at NA and NAZ Bangladesh limited. He is also working as supervisor at Zurhem.Ltd in Bangladesh.

Jhony Sarkar:

Jhony sarkar is also one of the promising and talented fashion designers of Bangladesh. His name is also falling in the list of top 10 fashion designers of Bangladesh 2017. He is working as chief of Fashion Designr at Zaber and Zubair Fabrics, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shaida Sultana:

Shaida Sultana is also the most prominent and promising Fashion Designer in Bangladesh Fashion Industry. She is working hard as costume designer at domestic and international level and promotes traditional and cultural dresses too.

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