Short Essay Population Problem in Bangladesh

Population means the rapid growth of birth rate. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in world. The total population of Bangladesh is 16 crores. Every year it is increasing with alarming ratio. Over population creates many problems and issues in a country. The major issue arises due to over population is that it extremely hampers the economical growth. There are two basic reasons which are causing Population Problem in Bangladesh country that are literacy rate and early marriage. There are several problems are arising due to over population in our country which we are going to discuss below.

Problems Arising due to Over Population:

There are several problems and issues which are arising due to population in Bangladesh. But we are going to discuss some of them that are main and major. The territory of Bangladesh is limited in order to support vast dense population so it causing some of the major issues and problems that are Poverty, food problem, education problem, job opportunities, literacy rate, shelter etc.
Education is one of the major problems arising due to population because there are limited schools and colleges in which limited seats are available it may possible that there are 100 seats available in a specific college and there may be 2000 candidates who are interested.

Short Essay Population Problem in Bangladesh

Food problem is also major problem of Bangladesh due to over population. There is huge number of food items are imported from abroad because of limited cultivation and resource of crops and cultivation in the boundary of Bangladesh.

Job Opportunities / Unemployment is causing only due to over population in Bangladesh. If we suppose that for 50 vacant positions there may be thousands of interested candidates.

Poverty is now become major issue in Bangladesh the Poverty rate f Bangladesh is 24.9 %. There are limited job opportunities and limited resources and the population is vast which ultimately results in poverty due to unemployment. Extreme population brings pressure to our wealth due to which we are becoming poorer day by day.

Literacy rate is also causing very huge impact on population. It is also consider the major cause of huge population. Most of the people of our country are illiterate they didn’t know about the hazards or over population.

This major issue of over population will not solve if above listed problems will not solved. Government should take steps to bring awareness among the Bangladeshi people.

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