Problems Students Face in University in Bangladesh

You can easily find here about the essay on Problems Students Face in University in Bangladesh. There is huge number of problems facing by students at university level. But we are going to discuss some of them here in detail. Not only in Bangladesh almost in every country most of the students are facing some sever type of issue and problems at university level, Bangladesh is one of them. Here below we are going to exhibit some important and main problems that are facing by the students of Bangladesh
Problems facing by Students at University Level

Pressure of Studies:

No doubt the University life is quite difficult from school and college life. University life is a challenging life academically. University courses are much more difficult and tough as compared to both school and colleges, so, most of the students get depressed by the pressure of studies. We may consider the pressure of studies is the major problem face by the students in universities.

Time Management Problem:

To maintain a university life is a quite difficult for a student. The students at university level take rest and sleep at irregular patterns because they find difficult to manage the time. This is the major Problems Students Face in University in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Students Face Problems in University


For all university student’s homesickness is the common problem especially for those students who are so far from their families. So, university who are far from their homes must visit their home once in a month to overcome this problem.

Financial Problems:

As we all know there is a gradual increase arises in the education in Bangladesh. In order to get the professional higher education in university from professionals is quite expensive and going more expensive gradually.

Stress and Depression:

Most of the students get depressed and gain stress due the burden or pressure of studies, new staff, and advance curriculum. In these circumstances new comer doesn’t manage time or daily routine which will ultimately result in stress and depression. Stress and depression is also the major Problems Students Face in University in Bangladesh.
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