Primary School Teacher Starting Salary in Bangladesh

Primary School teachers are instructors who instruct children in under grade six. Teaching is one of the leading and respectable professions for both male and female. There are huge number of primary schools are constructed in Bangladesh in order to bring advance level of education from younger age. The Government of Bangladesh pays high salary to the government teachers and increasing the pay scale for different grades. You can easily find here about the Primary School Teacher Starting Salary in Bangladesh. Now the government has taken step to improve the primary level and increase the pay scale for primary school teachers and assistant teachers. Teacher play vital role in the success of a country because their sincere teaching leads the students to develop a curiosity of invention and creation. It automatically leads to the success of a country. Below we are going to discuss about the Primary School Teacher Starting Salary in Bangladesh in inform you about the Government Pay Scale. Keep read this article till end will surely help you.

Primary School Starting Salary in Bangladesh:

The starting salary of Primary School teacher is increased from 8000 TK to 16540 TK. This is reasonable and successful change in the pay scale. The salary of assistant teacher is increased from 5900 TK to 13125 TK. It is expected that the starting salary of a primary teacher is 8000 and increases after experienced. The Primary teacher earns low income in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Government is now approving 1500 new primary schools in order to increase the educational opportunities for the Children of Bangladesh. This is no doubt the good sign in the field of Education in Bangladesh.

Primary School Teacher Starting Salary in Bangladesh

Every year large number of recruitment’s is offered by the Government schools to the interested and eligible candidates who really want to develop a career in field of teaching. Teaching is very good and respectable profession which the females choose most. The staring salary is almost enough to live for a sole person. Government changes the Pay Scale after a year this new 8th Pay Scale is very reasonable for Government employees. hopefully you find complete information and comprehensive knowledge regarding the Primary School Teacher Starting Salary in Bangladesh.

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