Poverty Rate in Bangladesh 2017

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries with dense population. It is suffering from many economical problems that are poverty due to poor infrastructure. Bu according to the World Bank in 2016 the extreme poverty rate of Bangladesh is decreased up to 12.9 %. The total population of Bangladesh is 150 million and the current Poverty Rate in Bangladesh 2017 is 25.6 %. The foremost and major issue if poverty in Bangladeshi is responsible due to only two reasons that is literacy and over population. Over population is biggest issue in more than 60 countries of the world. Bangladesh is densely populated country with limited resources. The current population of Bangladesh is 150 million but there is sufficient and limited job opportunities are available which ultimately causes poverty. Among 150 million of population 25 million people are living in poverty. This gradual increase in population causes pressure on environment. Besides this literacy is also the major issue which are causing poverty in Bangladesh. The literacy rate of Bangladesh is 43 %which is very alarming in current decade. Because due to lack of knowledge they cant improve their selves.
As a result of above mentioned causes the Bangladesh is leads to severe type of effects. Due to poverty most of the people get involved in criminal activities in order to bring livelihood. This is very alarming issue or problem which is growing fast day by day just because of poverty. The Government of Bangladesh is taking serious steps to eliminate poverty from Bangladesh territory which result in gradual decrease or drop of 12.9 % from 24 % of Poverty Rate in Bangladesh 2017.
Poverty Rate in Bangladesh
The Government of Bangladesh should have to bring awareness about literacy and importance of knowledge due to which people get aware and be able to work and avail job opportunities. The Bangladeshi people should also have to get aware the hazards of over population in the extreme situation of economical crisis. Government should also try their best to decease the Rate of Poverty in Bangladesh by increasing job opportunities for poor class or middle class standards through which they can earn enough for livelihood and can easily educate their children. It ultimately result decrease in the literacy rate and poverty in Bangladesh.

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