Malaysia Student Visa Application Form for Bangladeshi

Every Bangladeshi student wants to get education from abroad. Malaysia is good opportunity to get best standard of education. Malaysia Student Visa Application Form Bangladeshi Requirements and Processing Time can easily find here for the interested candidates who wish get education in Malaysia. Now the government of Bangladesh made it easy and possible to get easily Malaysia student Visa and pass instead from going to Malaysia Embassy. The comprehensive material regarding Malaysia Student Visa is available here in detail. Keep reading this article will surely help you.

Malaysia Student Visa Requirements:

  • Candidate must fill up the Student Visa Application form with true facts and figures and perfectly signed by the applicant itself.
  • Candidate‚Äôs passport size photographs with that color background specified by the application form or by the Authority.
  • Number of duplicate, photocopies of your passport required by the Application form
  • Academic Transcripts of record
  • Genuine Health Certificate
  • Letter of Immigration from the Immigration Headquarters in Malaysia.
  • Proof of financial capability to meet the study course and other expanses.
  • Student must have to show their approval letter upon arrival.
  • The representative of the Institution has to attend or receive the student on arrival.

Malaysia Student Visa Application Form for Bangladeshi Requirements and Processing Time

malaysia student visa application form for bangladeshi students requirments, processing time

How to apply for Malaysia Student Visa:

  • Contact with the respective Institution directly: with the help immigration department and your application will submitted by the institution directly for the student pass. It is bringing into the notice of Bangladeshi nationals that your passport must be valid more than one year.
  • Wait for the Confirmation of Acceptance: soon after the immigration department sent the application status within 7 days or a week for the confirmation of acceptance or not.
  • Send the essential Documents: if the confirmation of acceptance will be successful then the student has to send the necessary documents demanded or required by the chosen institute.
  • The Respective institute will give you student passing after confirming your acceptance
  • Inform the Institution about student pass: the Malaysia Immigration Department send the student approval letter to you.
  • Wait for your Student pass sticker: Your Passport will be submitted to the Immigration Department of Malaysia and student pass sticker will also issue within two weeks.

Processing time for Malaysia Student Visa for Bangladeshi National:

After the formality of Application Form and Registration Form and Visa fee and processing visa charges the Immigration Department will process the Visa Application for International Students within 4 to 12 weeks, for further information’s or any query use comment box.

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